We are experts in fastening the child in the car seat and the car seat in the car.

Since 1938, Holmbergs Safety System has been supplying safety solutions worldwide.

Our job is to make sure all the children in the world have the best protection there is, to keep our most beloved ones safe during the ride.
Welcome to Holmbergs Safety System. Together we save lives every day.

The biggest concern in the Child Safety industry is misuses of car seats. It does not matter how safe the car seat is if it is installed incorrectly in the car or if the child is not properly fastened in the seat.  According to a German study, almost 50% of the seat belts in toddler car seats are not tightened enough (Source: German Insurers Association)

With the aim to minimize the misuses in the daily use of car seats Holmbergs’ engineering team has developed Roll Fix™, a never-seen-before active harness with an advanced retractor system integrated into the seat. The retractors continuously pull in the belts and prevent them from being extended. For a tight and secure fit, parents hereby just need to pull the belts upwards after buckling the child.

We are proud to work with the biggest car seat brands from all over the world.

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