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Award winner

Holmbergs never stops innovating. We developed our first child car seat buckle in 1970 and now we’re upgrading buckles so they can communicate directly with parents and guardians.

Introducing Holmbergs DigitalSafety™. Using Bluetooth technology, our eBuckle™ pairs with a corresponding phone app to make the Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ system. Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ alerts the user with a sound and sends a warning to the app if the eBuckle™ becomes unbuckled. It also sends a warning if a person walks away from a parked vehicle while the child is still buckled into their seat, to make sure the child is not left alone in the vehicle.

In summer 2023, Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ won the Baby Innovation Award ‘Product of the Year’ in category ‘Car Seat Accessory’! Later the same year, it was selected as the winner of European Product Design Award in the ‘Families & Kids/Safety: Harnesses’ category.

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Holmbergs DigitalSafety™

Stay connected, stay safe

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ brings a whole new element to child car seat safety; connected communication. Now, your customers can concentrate 100% on the road. If their little one happens to unbuckle themselves, or is left alone in the car, Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ will let them know.

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™: Keeping children connected and protected

People living in smart homes using smart phones and driving smart vehicles expect more. DigitalSafety™ is the smarter, connected way to keep your family protected.

Connected safety

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ has three main components: the eBuckle™, the Connectivity Hub™ and the white-label app.

Let’s take a look at each of them.

Available in two different formats, Holmbergs eBuckle™ buckles up and unbuckles like our standard safety buckles, but they have something extra. Each eBuckle™ has a connecting wire that runs from the buckling mechanism to the hub. The hub forward alerts to connected phones.

Holmbergs DigitalSafety eBuckle

Powered by batteries, the Connectivity Hub™ is what communicates with the Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ app. It sends an alert to the Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ app if the eBuckle™ comes unbuckled, if the caregiver walks away from the vehicle while the eBuckle™ is still buckled up.

Holmbergs DigitalSafety hub

The app is what makes you a truly next level safety provider. The Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ app not only alerts the guardian when the child unbuckles himself or when the child is left alone in the car, but also lets you communicate directly with the app user.

Holmbergs DigitalSafety mobile App icon
Child anti abandon system

Law abiding safety

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ helps protect children from accidentally being abandoned in vehicles, but it also helps protect parents and guardians from being charged with a crime. Many countries have laws against leaving a child unattended in a vehicle, and some make it compulsory to install an anti-abandonment device connected to the seat.

Even if it is accidental or for just a short period of time, leaving a child in a vehicle can have serious consequences. Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ helps children, parents and guardians by sending an alert to the smartphone if the child is left alone in the car.

The Connectivity Hub™

Add your own sensors

The heart in Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ is our Connectivity Hub™. It is easy to connect several sensors to the hub. Both wired and wireless.

Just choose your product, pick your sensors, enable the hub and you’re ready to go!

Connect your seat with the Hub and standard switches from Holmbergs:

  • E-Buckle™
  • E-Isofix™
  • Support leg
  • Seat levelling
  • Seat connected in base
  • Seat in right position
  • Temperature in car seat
  • And more..

Psst! Our hub communicates with the user´s smartphone, so you easily can build relations with your customers.

Salt spray test at buckles
Testing on another level

Certified safety

Our safety testing goes well beyond the minimum requirements to meet regulations. Safety never stops at Holmbergs, and neither does our rigorous testing.

Testing and quality

Beyond safety solutions

Holmbergs safety services

BeSafe using Holmbergs DigitalSafety

Bringing child vehicle safety into the 21st century

Being first is something BeSafe excels at. For example, they were the first Holmbergs’ client to integrate Holmbergs DigitalSafety into one of their car seats; the BeSafe iZi Turn E-M i-Size.

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Frequently asked questions

Knowledge base

We’ve compiled the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ here. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us.

Yes. Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ works with both iOS and Android devices.

It works with iOS version 14 and up and Android version 11 to 13.

No. Integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is not possible.

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ has endless possibilities.

  • It sends alerts when the eBuckle™ is unbuckled during a trip or when a child is left alone in a parked vehicle.
  • It helps parents with the correct car seat installation (installation instruction in the app).
  • It simplifies communication with the car seat user (with safety and marketing messages).
  • It lets you know more about your customer and your car seat’s life-cycle.
  • And much more…

No. The app and hub do not require a cellular connection to communicate with each other.

The app does require a cellular connection to send an SMS to an emergency contact.

Yes. The hub requires two alkaline AAA batteries. It sends an alert to the Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ app when the batteries require changing.

The Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ Hub is certified according to the European Union’s Radio Equipment Directive (RED) regulations.

Each child car seat manufacturer can choose where they want the hub to be located.

We work with manufacturers to find a suitable location where the hub will be easily accessible by end-users so they can change the batteries when necessary.

The alarm is triggered when the eBuckle™ is buckled and connected to the app and the mobile phone’s Bluetooth connection to the child seat is lost. (This happens when the phone is taken about 5-20 meters away from the eBuckle™.)

  1. A notification is sent 15 seconds after the Bluetooth connection is lost.
  2. An alarm sounds on the phone after 2 minutes if the initial notification is not disabled. The alarm will sound even if the phone is muted.
  3. An SMS with the vehicle’s GPS position will be sent to the emergency contacts saved in the app after 2 minutes if the alarm is not disabled.

The SMS will be sent to all emergency contacts at the same time.

If the child is left buckled in the car, each person that leaves the car, will receive a “child left alone alarm” message on their phone. The alarm will only be sent to the phone leaving the car and not to any other phone connected to the child car seat.

The app always has to be “active in the background” to work. If a person “force quits” the app, the Bluetooth communication stops between the app and the child seat and the alarm cannot be triggered.

Communication between the hub and the app is done via Bluetooth Low Energy.

The Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ app can send the following notifications:

  • Child is buckled
  • Child is unbuckled
  • Child is left alone
  • Battery level low
  • Emergency SMS sent
  • And more…

The Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ app can communicate with up to 8 different devices (child car seats, Isofix bases etc).

The following items can be altered in the DigitalSafety™ app’s internal settings or on the mobile phone’s DigitalSafety™ app settings:

  • Disable/Enable notifications
  • Disable/Enable child left alone alarm

The following can be altered only in the app’s internal settings on the Child Seat Details page:

  • Change or mute volume of child unbuckle alarm

Yes. The DigitalSafety™ hub has its own alarm that sounds every time the eBuckle is unbuckled.

This alarm is independent of the mobile phone app and will sound even if the child seat is not connected to the app.

The volume of this alarm can only be adjusted or muted from the app settings.

Yes. If a person needs to wipe all their connection data from the DigitalSafety™ system for any reason (like if they sell or donate their child car seat), a factory reset can be performed on the hub.

The factory reset will clear all the connection and other data from the hub.

The DigitalSafety™ system will collect the serial number of the child car seat and the hub, the user’s contact information and which user is connected to which seat.