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Keeping kids secure with IsoFix & LATCH solutions

When you choose a Holmbergs IsoFix or LATCH system for your child car seats, we provide all the necessary straps, connectors and adjusters to comply with IsoFix and LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) anchoring systems from around the world. Our products are approved according to applicable global standards (UNECE, FMVSS, CCC etc.)

Holmbergs Multifunctional IsoFix Arms are an off-the-shelf solution that integrates into the design of your child car seat so it easily attaches to IsoFix anchorages and adjusts with minimal effort.

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Isofix arms and LATCH connectors
Isofix arms and LATCH connectors

Holmbergs IsoFix & LATCH

Systematic safety

Child car seat manufacturers from around the world trust our straps, tethers, connectors, adjusters and IsoFix arms to keep their seats secure in vehicles. Each component is designed and engineered for maximum security.

International safety expertise

Whether you operate mainly in countries that prefer a flexible tethering system (LATCH) or a rigid connecting system (IsoFix) for child car seats, Holmbergs has solutions for you.

And they’re all tailored to your needs.

Superior safety

Holmbergs LATCH & IsoFix solutions

LATCH solutions consist of the finest webbing, connectors, adjusters, tethers, buckles & slack indicators. IsoFix solutions consist of tethers, connectors & our innovative IsoFix arms.

All our tether, LATCH and lower anchorage straps are made from the strongest webbing. Our adjusters make strap alterations easy for parents and guardians, which helps keep children safe.

Adjuster and strap

Your child car seats need to stay in one place while traveling. Our LATCH and IsoFix connectors keep car seats still, even on the bumpiest rides.

Connectors for LATCH and isofix

Slack doesn’t belong in a child car seat. In fact, excess slack is the biggest problem when putting children into car seats. Help your customers get rid of unwanted slack with Holmbergs retractors.

Light weight retractor

Knowing the tightness or looseness of a strap is crucial for child car safety. Our slack and tension indicators will tell your customers when a car seat is properly mounted in a vehicle.

T4 indicator

Save thousands of development hours and thousands in industrialization costs by choosing Holmbergs off-the-shelf IsoFix arms. We integrate these adjustable, multifunctional arms directly into the design of your car seat.

Isofix arms
Testing done right

A+ safety

Holmbergs tests every single component of our safety systems and then we test the entire system as a whole. When it comes to safety, you can never test enough.

Testing & quality

More than safety solutions

Holmbergs safety services

Jane Groowy seat with Holmbergs harness system and RollFix

Cutting costs and lowering risk

Jané Concord recently released one of their most innovative seats: Groowy. When the designers at Jané Concord were looking for ways to integrate an IsoFix solution into the Groowy seat, they chose Holmbergs Multifunctional IsoFix Arms, which come prepared as an out-of-the-box solution that car seat manufacturers can integrate into their design with minimal engineering.

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Axkid child seat with Holmbergs IsoFix safety solution

Rear-facing safety for older children

While many car seat manufacturers produce rear-facing seats with ISOFIX for children up to age four, Axkid has launched Axkid ONE 2 – the only ISOFIX car seat on the market that is i-Size approved for children up to 125 cm/23 kg.

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Frequently asked questions


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Holmbergs LATCH systems are meant to connect with Lower Anchor and Tethers for Children (LATCH) systems in vehicles in the United States and the Lower Universal Anchorage System (LUAS) in vehicles in Canada.

Our LATCH systems comply with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the United States and the Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards.

Holmbergs Multifunctional IsoFix arms and IsoFix safety systems are meant to connect with IsoFix tethering points in vehicles in Europe and the rest of the world outside of North America.

They comply with applicable safety regulations from the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and the China Compulsory Certificate.

The Holmbergs Multifunctional IsoFix Arms can expand outward from the back of the seat or retract inward toward the back of the seat. They can be installed or uninstalled with the simple pull of a wire.

The Holmbergs Multifunctional IsoFix Arms are pre-made. When you design your car seat and you want to include a way to anchor it to IsoFix connections, you can simply incorporate the IsoFix Arms into your car seat design as a complete component.