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We only process personal data submitted to us by you, for example, if you contact us via any of the contact forms on the sites or send us an email. We will process the data to manage and respond to your request in the best way possible.

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As a data subject, you are entitled to obtain information regarding your personal data processed by Holmbergs as well as to request rectification of incorrect data or to have your personal data erased. Personal Data Controller is Holmbergs Safety System Holding AB.

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Intellectual property rights

All material on the sites, including texts, images, trademarks as well as design and graphical profile belongs to Holmbergs Safety System Holding AB. Any use, in addition to the use of the Sites, or the copy of you as a User, requires Holmbergs written consent.

Violation of these terms may result in legal actions.


Holmbergs Safety System Holding AB is not responsible for nor guarantees the quality, functionality or availability of the sites or its content. In events where we refer to third parties, we are not responsible for the material or content on the third-party website.

Applicable Law

In case of any disputes arising from these conditions, Swedish law shall apply.

Cookie policy

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How do we use cookies?

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What cookies do we use?

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Analytics cookies

These cookies are non-essential cookies controlled by the consent banner.

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