Holmbergs innovations and technologies

Never satisfied with what is currently considered the best, we continually improve our products with creative innovation and advanced technology. We are also responsible for introducing many firsts in the world of vehicle safety, something that we continue to do today and will continue into the future.

Holmbergs embraces new frontiers in vehicle safety because we know when it comes to safety, there is always room for improvement. Research and development is and always has been an integral part of the Holmbergs identity. We’re not “thought leaders,” we’re action leaders.

Making safety easier for everyone

We have four areas where we focus our efforts on innovation and technology. Our goal is to make vehicle safety easy and comfortable for everyone.

Innovations in child safety

Big innovations for keeping our little ones safe

As a world leader in child car seat safety systems, Holmbergs takes our responsibility to keep children safe extremely seriously.

Holmbergs DigitalSafety technology

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™

The Holmbergs DigitalSafety™ system consists of a Holmbergs eBuckle™ and a white-label phone app that can communicate with each other. Once they are paired via Bluetooth, the app can alert parents if a child unbuckles the Holmbergs eBuckle™ during a trip. It also alerts parents if a child is left in a vehicle and the parent walks away from the vehicle, preventing children from being forgotten in vehicles.

Holmbergs DigitalSafety™
RollFix retracting harness

Holmbergs RollFix™

Holmbergs RollFix™ uses special retractors to prevent child car seat harness straps from becoming slack while the child is buckled into the seat. Leaving too much harness slack is the leading mistake made when buckling a child into a car seat. Holmbergs RollFix™ helps to prevent this problem.

When the harness buckle is in the upright position, parents can tighten the harness straps by feeding them into the slots at the back of the seat. The Holmbergs Rollfix™ retractors prevent the straps from being pulled back out of the slots. The straps can only be loosened once the buckle is unbuckled and placed in the downward position.

Holmbergs RollFix™
Isofix arms

Multifunctional Isofix Arms

In 2018, we launched our innovative and Multifunctional Isofix Arms for safer car seat mounting in vehicles that use a rigid tethering system. The Arms are easy to incorporate into the design of a child car seat and make it easier for the parent or guardian to mount the car seat in their vehicle.

This off-the-shelf product has been crash tested for safety and parent-tested for convenience.


Mini Metal Retractors (MMR)

Car seat installation doesn’t need to be complicated. We developed lower tether retractors, MMR, to make it easy to install a car seat and protect straps during storage without compromising on safety.

Easy and secure installation is guaranteed!


Lightweight Isofix Arms

One of our latest innovations is the Lightweight Isofix Arms. Lighter and longer than other similar products on the market, our arms are designed to save weight without compromizing on strength and safety.

The arms are made to pass the most severe overload tests.

Child harness system and seat belt

Child car seat buckles

Way back in 1970, Holmbergs developed its first child car seat buckle. That same design is still in use today because of its reliability. We continue to develop new buckle designs with all new capabilities to keep children safer while they are in their car seats.

Harness Systems
Innovations in occupant safety

Making travel safer for everyone

Our design innovation goes beyond child car seats to include general occupant safety, especially in commercial passenger and specialty vehicles, like in agriculture and construction. We also proudly make wheelchair securement systems for vehicles.

3-Point All Age System

Our All Age safety belt is an in-house, patented innovation. It is the world’s first safety belt with a vertical strap outlet that does not have deflection of the strap. Lack of vertical strap deflection allows a passenger to change the height of the diagonal shoulder belt strap. The belt can be adjusted perfectly to the size and the shoulder height of the passenger, providing maximum safety.

Seat belts

3-Point Flex System

Our 3-point Flex system provides safety in every situation. The Flex sensor makes it possible to install the safety belt in an adjustable backrest with up to 40 degrees reclining! The special sensor compensates the range of adjustment of the backrest while at the same time preventing the safety belt from locking in non-emergency situations. The belt is guaranteed to lock if the vehicle tilts or acceleration of the strap occurs.

Seat belts

3-Point automatic ELR/ALR

One safety belt with two functions. Our Full-size ELR easily converts to an ALR when it’s time for fastening a child car seat. Then it easily converts back to an ELR again. It is a special functionality only for buses on the US market.

Seat belts

Anti Rebound Blocking System (ARBS)

The unique and patented Anti Rebound Blocking System (ARBS) is a ground-breaking innovation from Holmbergs. The solution prevents the locking of the retractor in case of uncontrolled retracting of the strap, which can cause something called the “whiplash effect.”

As soon as the strap retracts, the flywheel is prevented from engaging in the annular gear. This prevents the belt from locking when a fast-retracting strap is suddenly stopped. In its fastened state, the ARBS acts like a standard Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR). The ARBS can be used optionally in place of an ELR or an Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR).

Seat belts
Safety textiles

Fast, flexible & sustainable

Holmbergs puts the tech in safety textiles with our fast and flexible printing, cutting and sewing operations. We provide covers for commercial passenger vehicle occupant seats, child car seats, strollers, baby carriers and more.

Covers, textiles and kits

Safety textiles

From one-off specialty orders to giant enterprise orders, Holmbergs has the personnel, the technology and the power to get it done and delivered on time.