About us

Holmbergs was founded as a small family business by four Holmbergs brothers in 1938

About Holmbergs Safety System

Holmbergs was founded in 1938 in Sweden, and has since then grown into a global organization with production facilities on several continents.

We started manufacturing safety systems for cars as far back as the 1950s and child safety systems in the 1970s.

As a fast growing organization we have complete development teams on three continents. Our products are being designed in close cooperation between our teams and tested at the best independent test institutes in the world.

Over the years we have developed a lot of innovative and reliable products which have won awards and save children’s lives every day.

We are committed on all levels to ensure that our products continues to be safer and better designed. Someone has to take a lead and show the way in terms of both development and quality, and that is precisely what Holmbergs is all about.

Our Values

Quality in everything we do.

Innovation of safety critical systems for the future.

Commitment on all levels to ensure that our products will be even more safe, even more innovative, even more comfortable and even better designed.

No compromising on safety.

Our mission is to save lives and minimize damages during transport and in traffic.

Our vision is to be a world leader in fastening systems that save lives and minimize damage.

A culture of innovation

Child safety seats in passenger vehicles reduce the risk of fatal injuries by 71% for infants. We are proud to be a part of that development.

Holmbergs market leading position is based on a long history of R&D and innovation. Our passion and commitment have showed the way for safety solutions and fastenings for more than 80 years. We have a long history in developing innovative and reliable safety products which have won awards and save lives every day. We are experts in transforming ideas and requests into customer specific designs.

Holmbergs is driving innovation and product development in the industry.

Holmbergs key competitive advantage is our ability to continually develop new child safety solutions with needs from the market as our inspiration. The culture of innovation extends throughout our entire organization.

By continuous improvement of our design process and high quality products our customers can always rely on us as a long term partner. Our R&D employees around the globe have a wide knowledge and experience of fastening systems and our hearts beats for protecting children in cars. We work from idea to concept development to full scale production. Our customers can always trust us with full confidentiality, excellent performance and quality.

Quality is everything

In our business, there’s no room for error. Our greatest strength is our more than 50-year long track record in the child safety business.

Our products are crucial to the safety and security of millions of people. So when it comes to quality, we are absolutely meticulous. For us it is a must that all of our facilities are ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 certified and comply with the highest standards of quality assurance. 

We conduct advanced in-house testing with state-of-the-art laboratory equipment.

In addition, we use dedicated third party test facilities to perform static and dynamic tests that go beyond regulatory requirements. Holmbergs’ documented history of consistent quality and regulatory compliance makes us your obvious supplier of child restraint systems.

Excellent manufacturing platform

With long experience of bringing life into ready designs.

The ability to deliver fail-safe critical systems in high volumes have made Holmbergs a success story. Our production sites in China and Europe serves customers all over the world with more than 10 million child safety harnesses every year. With our global presence we can facilitate on time deliveries and give world class support to our customers.

With a know-how range from fully automatic robot assembly lines and vision detection systems, to semi automatic assembly equipment and manual assembly operations, we can optimize and customize for each customer.

100% control at the end of each production line ensures that not a single product fails.

Holmbergs has a lot of experience in industrialization by launching a full scale mass production with fail-safe process control solutions. Well proven routines streamlines the start of production and supports customers with on time first deliveries.

The history of Holmbergs

The story of Holmbergs started in 1938, when the four Holmberg brothers persuaded their father to demolish the cowshed to make room for a factory building. It proved to be a bright idea!

Since then, Holmbergs has experienced a journey growing from a local company into a global company, with production footprints in Europe and Asia and sales and engineering offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

Along the way our product range has expanded and evolved from buckles to harness systems for child seats to advanced retractor systems and Isofix solutions.

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