Partnerships forged in shared dedication to safety

The Amaya Astron Seating Group has a long history of providing top quality seats for buses and coaches throughout Mexico, Canada and the United States. For over 70 years, this family-run business has kept commercial drivers and passengers safe and sound while on the road.

Making the world a safer place

Holmbergs is proud to say we’ve been a key safety partner with Amaya and Astron since 2008, supplying these iconic seating companies with 2-point and 3-point seat belts and buckles.

But, our partnership goes beyond just supplying Amaya and Astron with the finest commercial passenger safety solutions. It’s a partnership built on trust and a shared vision to make the world a safer place for everyone on the roads.

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New compliance needs lead to new developments

Several years ago, in 2016, the United States passed a new law that required Amaya and Astron to alter the retracting mechanism in their seat belts. They approached us about designing a new, specialized retractor that combined the components and functionality of an Emergency Locking Retractor (ELR) and an Automatic Locking Retractor (ALR) to secure child car seats in commercial passenger seats.

The Holmbergs research and development team worked closely with the Amaya and Astron research and development teams to create and test this all-new type of seat belt retractor.

This is just one example of the close relationship Amaya, Astron and Holmbergs have. With a shared goal of making the world safer, our engineers are always keen to put their minds together to see how we can make every road trip safer for everyone involved.

“Amaya, Astron and Holmbergs all have a similar vision of keeping people safer in commercial vehicles, and we are always pleased to work hand-in-hand with Holmbergs to develop and implement new safety solutions to realize this vision,” said Patricio Cauduro, Business Development Manager at Amaya-Astron Seating Group.

“We value our close working relationship with Holmbergs and we appreciate their dedication to helping us develop specific components for our unique market needs”

Patricio Cauduro, Business Development Manager at Amaya-Astron Seating Group

Tested teamwork

Another way Amaya Astron Seating Group and Holmbergs Occupant Safety support each other beyond research and development is through the rigorous testing we perform together.

Every new development we co-design goes through the most meticulous testing at Amaya Astron Seating Group’s own testing facility. We are only satisfied with the results when those results show us our components can withstand the most uncompromising testing.

When people’s lives depend on your products, those products need to be pushed beyond their limits and tested beyond regulations.

Amaya, Astron and Holmbergs will continue to keep commercial vehicle passengers safe and sound on the roads for decades to come. It’s a partnership forged in the shared commitment to make the world as safe as possible.