Four reasons why you should invest in a child car seat with Holmbergs RollFix™

Holmbergs RollFix™ is one of our newest innovations in child car seat safety. We invented it to fight back against the mortal enemy of child car seat harnesses; slack. 

The dangers of slack

Even when you have tightened your child car seat’s harness straps fully before you start your trip, they can become quite loose by the time you reach your destination. 

This is because your child squirms and tries to wrestle their way out of the tight harness straps. They’re trying their best to become an escape artist!

Even if they’re not trying to escape, though, it might just be that your child has relaxed and fallen asleep or their clothing has settled against their body. 

Whichever way it happens, loose harness straps can make for dangerous situations, especially in the case of a car accident. 

And that is why we invented our patented Holmbergs RollFix™ child safety harness system. 

The system has two specially designed, integrated retractors that keep the straps from coming loose once they are tightened. They can even help reduce any slack that does make its way into the straps. 

Check out these four reasons why you should buy a child car seat with Holmbergs Rollfix™.

1. Holmbergs RollFix™ makes it easy to tighten the safety belt harness enough

Most parents want to get their children strapped into their car seats quickly. The longer it takes, the more likely they are to get fidgety and annoyed. 

Holmbergs RollFix™ makes it easy to fasten your child in their seat quickly and correctly. 

When the harness’ buckle is unbuckled, the straps can move freely in and out. However, once the buckle is buckled, the straps can only move inward toward the back of the child car seat to tighten them. They can no longer move outward and become loose. 

To correctly tighten the harness straps, you just need to pull the straps up toward the back of the seat where they go through two slots and the two retractors of the Holmergs RollFix™ keep them locked in place so they don’t become loose.

RollFix or five point harness

2. You’ll know when the safety belt harness is tight enough

You’ll know the retractors are doing their job because you will be able to hear a clicking sound as the shoulder straps are being tightened. Every click means the straps are tightened a little bit more.

As the straps get tighter, the clicking sound will become less frequent. When you can no longer pull up the shoulder straps and you no longer hear the clicking sound coming from the retractors, that is when you know your child’s harness straps are properly tightened. 

That is peace of mind to a parent who is driving alone in a vehicle with their child. When it’s just you in the car, you might not have an opportunity to stop and check if their harness is still tightened. With Holmbergs RollFix™, you don’t have to worry. 

3.The retractors continuously work against slack

The retractors in the Holmbergs RollFix™ system keep the straps tightened for the whole trip. Once the buckle is put into the upright position and buckled up, the retractors lock into “tighten only mode.”

That means there is no chance of the straps being pulled down and making them loose. The only way the straps can be loosened is when the buckle is unbuckled and put into the downward position.

Thanks to a special spring mechanism, the Holmbergs RollFix™ retractors also gently and continuously pull on the shoulder straps, which may help reduce any small amounts of slack that do appear in the straps (if the child relaxes and falls asleep, for example). 

With the help of Holmbergs RollFix™, parents can sit back and concentrate fully on the road, instead of casting a worried glance at the back seat to see how your little escape artist is doing.

Holmbergs RollFix™ – The safety harness that makes it easy to buckle your child up the right way!

Holmbergs RollFix™ is designed to reduce incorrect use of a child safety harness and make it easier to fasten your child into their car seat correctly.

The patented system prevents the straps from becoming loose during car rides. The retractors and the release mechanism make it easy to tighten the harness correctly every time, no matter who is buckling the child into the car!

Holmbergs RollFix™ – Easy to buckle up right

The first company to release a car seat with the Holmbergs RollFix™ system is BeSafe with its new, award winning iZi Modular A (RF) X1 i-Size car seat.

4. We’re an internationally recognized leader in child car seat safety

Finally, you should choose a car seat with Holmbergs RollFix™ because it has the name Holmbergs on it. Almost every major brand of child car seat uses Holmbergs safety systems because they know they can trust our products to make their car seats safe. 

We have been working in child safety for over 50 years and are a world-leading manufacturer of child car seat safety systems. Our innovative work and our passion for safety have led us in the development of modern safety solutions.

Strong believers in continuous innovation, Holmbergs holds numerous patents for child vehicle safety. Holmbergs RollFix™ is just one of the latest safety innovations from our engineers. 

When you want your child to be as safe as possible, you choose car seats made with Holmbergs safety systems. 

To find out more about Holmbergs RollFix™ safety systems, contact us. We are here to help.