Holmbergs RollFix

Holmbergs RollFix™: Innovative technology for maximum child safety

In the summer of 2020, Holmbergs launched a world-changing innovation that makes it easier than ever to properly tighten a child car seat’s harness. 

Holmbergs RollFix™.

The patented technology includes two specially designed retractors that make the process of tightening a child’s car seat harness quick and simple. With Holmbergs RollFix™, there is no more pulling on different adjusters to try and tighten the harness while you are hunched over in the cramped back seat of your vehicle. 

Instead, all you have to do is buckle up the child and then pull the two shoulder straps up toward the back of the car seat. The integrated retractors prevent the straps from becoming loose again.

The evolution of traffic safety

Thankfully, you don’t need to buy a new car seat that often. But, when the time does come to purchase a new seat, it’s imperative to do a lot of research so you can familiarize yourself with all the options available on the market.

When cars became a common means of transportation in the first half of the 20th century, the focus on securing children in cars was minimal. Over the decades, campaigns to change people’s attitudes, new government regulations, and innovations from child car seat manufacturers and their parts suppliers contributed to creating a much different situation today. 

Now, there are almost no child fatalities from road accidents.

Rear-facing car seats

In keeping with the vast amount of expert advice on the subject, Holmbergs recommends that children use rear-facing car seats for as long as possible, at least until the age of four. 

A survey conducted by Swedish Volvia in 2020 showed the use of forward-facing car seats increases dramatically from the age of four among Swedish children, despite recommendations to keep children rear-facing for as long as possible. Only 49% of four-year-olds in Sweden still ride in a rear-facing seat.

There are many reasons why parents choose to turn their child forward-facing earlier than recommended. Among other things, several parents point out the challenges of properly tightening a traditional 5-point harness while their child is in a rear-facing seat and they don’t have much room to maneuver the adjusters.

That is why Holmbergs developed a child car seat safety harness that simplifies the fastening process considerably.

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The innovative and patented solution from Holmbergs

Holmbergs RollFix™ is designed to reduce the misuse of safety belt harnesses and make it easy to buckle the child up correctly.

The specialized retractors help you to fasten your child correctly and prevent them from becoming loose. 

When the buckle is unbuckled and in a downward position, the shoulder straps can move both directions, loosening and tightening. However, when the buckle is in the upright position and buckled, the retractors lock into “tighten only mode” and the straps can no longer be loosened.

To tighten the straps, a parent only needs to buckle the buckle and pull the straps upwards toward the back of the car seat and feed them through the slots. The retractors in the back of the seat make a clicking sound as the straps are tightening. When the clicking sound stops and the straps can no longer be pulled up toward the back of the car seat, the straps are fully tightened. 

In addition to that, the retractors have a spring mechanism that causes them to gently and continuously pull on the straps, which may help reduce any small amounts of slack that happen to make their way into the straps through your child’s movement. 

The functionality of Holmbergs RollFix™ is unique on the child car seat market today.

RollFix or five point harness

Four facts about Holmbergs RollFix™:

  • Makes it easy to buckle a child up in the car seat.
  • Has integrated retractors that click and let you know when the harness is tightening.
  • The retractors prevent the straps from coming loose during the car ride and may help reduce small amounts of slack that appear during the car ride.
  • The combination of the buckle and the retractors is unique in today’s market.

Tested according to UNECE R129

Modern child car seats are tested according to UNECE R44 or UNECE R129, of which UNECE R129 (i-Size) is the latest standard for car safety. The standard sets high demands on manufacturers and suppliers. 

The goals of i-Size are to:

  • ensure that child car seats and modern cars are compatible with each other,
  • simplify installation with IsoFix,
  • extend the usage time of rear-facing seats,
  • simplify classification by using a child’s height instead of weight, and
  • make the seats safer by also testing them for side collisions.

Holmbergs RollFix™ has been tested according to the UNECE R129 standard and is a good choice for you as a parent when you are looking for a safe car seat for your child.

Look for car seats that have the Holmbergs RollFix™ safety harness system installed.

Ensures safety harnesses are tight enough

One of the most common mistakes parents make when buckling their child into their car seat is not tightening the straps well enough. A loose harness can have serious consequences in the event of a collision. Loose straps can also make it possible for the child to get out of the car seat while the car is moving.

Holmbergs RollFix™ is a smart solution with integrated retractors that help you to tighten the straps. Once you have locked the buckle, the retractors prevent the shoulder straps from becoming loose. 

All you have to do is pull the shoulder straps up to make sure the retractors have tightened the straps sufficiently. When you pull up the shoulder straps, you hear the characteristic clicking sound that comes from the Holmbergs RollFix™ retractors. When the clicking sound stops and you cannot pull the straps up any more, you know that the straps are sufficiently tightened.

Prevents slack along the way

If a harness is too loose, a child may be able to get out of the harness while the car is moving. Many parents, therefore, pay close attention to their child in the rearview mirror to make sure that the harness is still in place.

While doing this helps you keep an eye on your child, it also means that you are distracted from the road.

With Holmbergs RollFix™, the retractors prevent the straps from loosening during the ride. Since they come equipped with a special spring mechanism that gently and continuously pulls on the straps, they can also help reduce small amounts of slack that may appear during the ride. This means you can pay full attention to the road without having to keep checking on your child.

Holmbergs RollFix™ – The safety harness system that makes it easy for you to buckle a child up in the right way!

Holmbergs RollFix™ is designed to reduce incorrect harness use and make it easier to fasten a child in their car seat correctly.

The patented system prevents straps from becoming loose. The specialized retractors and lock/release mechanism make it easy to tighten the straps correctly every time, no matter who is buckling the child in the car!

Holmbergs RollFix™ – Easy to buckle up right

The first car seat manufacturer with a car seat that has integrated Holmbergs RollFix™ is BeSafe with its award-winning new iZi Modular A (RF) X1 i-Size model!

Holmbergs Roll Fix™ is the future of securing children in cars

All parents want to make sure their children are secure and safe in their car seats. A car seat with Holmbergs RollFix™ safety harness system is a good investment for you if you want the best and the most modern safety solution for your child.

Holmbergs is a Swedish company that has been working in child safety for over 50 years and is a world-leading manufacturer of child car seat safety systems. Our innovative work and our passion for your safety and your child’s safety have led us in the development of modern vehicle safety solutions.

To learn more about Holmbergs and our products, please contact us.

Frequently asked questions


Please read the frequently asked questions about Holmbergs RollFix™ to learn even more about the system.

Holmbergs RollFix™ is crash-tested in compliance with the Economic Commission for Europe regulation ECE R129 (i-Size).

It is approved by all applicable European authorities.

Holmbergs RollFix™ is available with our Saga buckle.

540 grams.

A traditional 5-point safety belt harness needs to be tightened firmly by pulling the central adjuster strap positioned between the knees of the child. RollFix™ does not have a central adjuster or a strap to tighten the harness. Instead, there is an advanced retractor system inside the seat that tightens the straps if slack appears and prevents the straps from being extended during the ride.

There are two built-in retractors in the child car seat that actively tighten the safety harness. When the buckle is open and folded down to its most forward position the straps are free to move in and out. When the buckle is raised for fastening, the straps are prevented from moving out, but will continue to move in until the harness is tight enough. For a proper fit, parents should pull the shoulder straps upwards towards the child’s shoulders.

No. The safety harness straps cannot be extended in the same way as a car seat belt. So, the child will not be able to get more room and climb out.

No. Once the buckle is in an upraised position, the straps can only be pulled inward toward the back of the child car seat. The child is restrained in the seat as long as the buckle is not open and folded down to its most forward position.

No. Holmbergs RollFix™ is not automatic. When putting a child into the car seat, a parent has to pull the shoulder straps upward toward the back of the seat as much as they will go. Once the straps are properly fitted, the RollFixTM retractors prevent the straps from becoming loose.

Parents should always check to confirm there is a proper fit around the hips and shoulders of the child.

The Holmbergs RollFix™ retractors emit a small ticking sound for every step the harness is tightened. A parent will hear the ticking sound when they are pulling the shoulder straps up toward the back of the seat to tighten the straps.

No. As in all car seats, thick outer clothing makes it difficult to get the safety harness properly tightened for a secure fit. Outer winter clothing should not be worn by a child while sitting in any car seat.